Spring 2015 courses

Global Studies
GLS 2000 Contemporary Global Issues
GLS 2350 Intro to Peace Studies
GLS 3530 Alternative Globalizations
GLS 4000 Seminar in Global Studies
GLS 4550 Global Studies Senior Capstone 

Interdisciplinary Studies
IDS 2000 This Grand Experiment: Intro to American Studies
IDS 2302 Freudian Dreams  
IDS 2450 Introduction to Not-for Profit Organizations
IDS 3000 Histories of Knowledges
IDS 3010 H2O: We are Water
IDS 3150 Interdisciplinary Praxis  
IDS 3530 Mobile Storytelling
IDS 4550 Interdisciplinary Studies Senior Seminar 

Women's Studies
WS 2421 Sex, Gender, and Power: Intro to Women's Studies
WS 3100 Girls Coming of Age
WS 3200 Global Women's Issues
WS 3531 Sex and Empire
WS 3535 Black Feminism
WS 3600 LGBT Studies Seminar
WS 5600 Feminist Perspectives on Pedagogy and Academe

Department of Cultural, Gender, and Global Studies

We offer degrees in Global Studies, Interdisciplinary Studies, and Women's Studies.

This new Department supports these three programs with innovative curricula, student research opportunities, community engagement, and involvement with service learning, internships, study abroad, and other curricular and co-curricular learning activities. The Department also promotes creative and imaginative engagement in cross-disciplinary investigation of complex systems and problems.

We strive to be a statewide and national leader in interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary scholarship and teaching, simultaneously promoting the distinctiveness of the constituent programs and creating opportunities for collaboration and cooperation among them.