CONGRATULATIONS!  2014 Graduates

   Global Studies       Interdisciplinary Studies     Women's Studies
Hannah Biggam 

James Barthet 

    Jessica Westmoreland    

Kai Bode

Sydney Beshore 


Azzan Braxton

Valerie Brooks 


Aileen Cohen

Molly Campbell 


Kathryn Costantin 

Kerry Carpenter 


Allan Dell, Ill 

Miranda Cook* 


Rebecca Dellinger 

Casey Curry


Rachel Duffus* 

Marco Enriquez


Deborah Gray 

Lauren Essick 


Michelle Hartmann

Tami Gorodetzer


Christy McAlister 

Zachary Herman* 


Stephanie Martin

Connor Holland 


Kimberly Martinez 

Daniel Margolis 


Elizabeth Moore

Gerald “Rick” McKinney, Jr.


Stephanie Moss 

Christina Ruth


Amelia Motsinger 

Anna Sullivan


Samantha Poler 

Kai Weaver


Mary Pannier


Juliane Portillo 


Megan Price 


Meghan Wallace 


Kelsey Wayne*


Heather Wilemon


Erica Zielinski

  * Graduating with Honors   

Department of Cultural, Gender, and Global Studies

We offer degrees in Global Studies, Interdisciplinary Studies, and Women's Studies.

This new Department supports these three programs with innovative curricula, student research opportunities, community engagement, and involvement with service learning, internships, study abroad, and other curricular and co-curricular learning activities. The Department also promotes creative and imaginative engagement in cross-disciplinary investigation of complex systems and problems.

We strive to be a statewide and national leader in interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary scholarship and teaching, simultaneously promoting the distinctiveness of the constituent programs and creating opportunities for collaboration and cooperation among them.